Are you getting better during the pandemic?

Are you getting better during the pandemic?


Are you getting better during the pandemic?

Rob Schremp wants to know if you are getting better during the pandemic!


With the way that the world is right now, I personally find this a unique opportunity from the players perspective to study your game. All players sitting on the sidelines right now waiting for arenas to open, tryouts coming up, seasons getting set to restart, should be studying their game scenarios. If you really want to excel, video analysis is a great asset to help you get better while you can't physically be at the rink. At 44 Vision Hockey, we stress the importance of video analysis at all times, but now it's your only option.

Visualization is one of the strongest components in the game. There was a day when you could only imagine scenarios in your brain and then try to bring them to life. With a platform like 44VH, you have the ability to watch yourself in these "actual" scenarios with the mind set of "what could I have done better?" or "what could I have done differently?" Studying your game film gives you the opportunity to start seeing the game scenarios and studying them for picture memory for when these plays arise again in the future so when it happens again, you know the pain points of the opponent.

If you are a player that has the mindset of "it's the off-season, I will do that when hockey starts back up", my only hope is that you don't start back up with some sort of higher expectation than what you did last season. Studying your game film, now, helps you start to build purposeful practice plans towards the things that we found you not executing properly in your game scenarios. When you get back to the ice you aren't just doing the same thing that everyone else on the ice is doing, you are doing the things that YOU specifically need to work on.

- Rob Schremp, Co-Founder of 44 Vision Hockey

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