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Browse through our library of coaches to find a good fit for you. It is important to find a coach that was the type of player that you want to be. We believe there is a different recipe to success for everyone, so find a coach that will work best for you!

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Amanda Pelkey

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete University of Vermont

Blake Bolden

Professional Women's Defender | NHL Scout | NCAA Athlete Boston College

Alex Carpenter

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete Boston College

Brittany Howard

NCAA athlete Robert Morris University, PWHPA, CWHL

Diana Schaefering

Elite Power Skating Coach for NHL, AHL, KHL.. and many more!

Venla Hovi

Experienced Finnish Olympic Team Forward | University of Manitoba

Nicole Hensley

NCAA Athlete & Record Holder | Olympic Gold Medalist

Rebecca Johnston

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete Cornell University 

Brianna Decker

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete Wisconsin University