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Browse through our library of coaches to find a good fit for you. It is important to find a coach that was the type of player that you want to be. We believe there is a different recipe to success for everyone, so find a coach that will work best for you!

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Nathan Craze

Professional, International, University and Junior

Amanda Pelkey

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete University of Vermont

Craig Cunningham

NHL/AHL Experienced Forward | Memorial Cup Champion

Matt Lorito

NHL Experienced Forward | 2x AHL All-Star | NCAA 3x All-Ivy Team

Diana Schaefering

Elite Power Skating Coach for NHL, AHL, KHL.. and many more!

Greg Squires

Extensive European Professional Experience | NCAA Athlete Western Michigan Univ.

Venla Hovi

Experienced Finnish Olympic Team Forward | University of Manitoba

Brianna Decker

Olympic Team Experienced Forward | NCAA Athlete Wisconsin University