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Testimonial for: VENLA HOVI

Working with Venla Hovi has been one of the best coaching experiences yet in my career. Her professional approach to training and preparing herself for competition was second none. Venla was willing to communicate and share how she felt at all times so we could best plan for the competition at hand. She also understood how to play in the long game, and that what she did now had an effect on the outcome we would get in both the short and short long term futures because she asked questions and used her experience as a professional athlete.

Shawn Preston

– strength and conditioning coach

Testimonial for: Rob Schremp

I’ve played against Rob, he was nothing short of an offensive genius. I strongly recommend using his platform for anyone looking to improve their offensive game.

Drew Doughty

  • Defenseman, LA Kings
  • 2x Stanley Cup Winner
  • 2x Olympic gold medalist – Canada
  • Norris Trophy Winner

Testimonial for: Nathan Craze

I’ve worked with Nathan while I was playing pro hockey over in Europe. Not only did he play a significant role in developing me as a goalie on the ice, but he also was a mentor to me off the ice, personally and professionally. My greatest take away from my work with Nathan was his ability to enhance my overall performance where I felt more consistent and confident in my game, he provided me with the tools I needed to succeed, through video analysis providing consistent feedback. His attention to detail when breaking down even the smallest elements is amazing. Our weekly video sessions gave me a great perspective on how I should be making adjustments and implementing them into my game to get a competitive advantage. I can’t recommend Nathan enough to any goalie looking to take their game to the next level.

Brian Stewart

9 Years Pro Experience AHL,
ECHL, DEL Experience

Testimonial for: Alex Carpenter

Alex has one of the best minds in hockey. Her experience and her ability to see the game truly sets her apart from others. She will be great asset in helping teach players the game.

Katie King – Crowley

Head coach – Boston College Women’s Hockey
Olympic Gold Medalist – USA
Olympic Silver Medalist – USA
Olympic Bronze Medalist – USA

Testimonial for: Adam Redmond

“Coming Soon”

Jaret Anderson-Dolan

Los Angeles Kings

Testimonial for: DON KIRNAN

Don Kirnan’s knowledge and experience in player development is unparalleled. He was the pioneer of player development in New York and was the #1 reason so many players from Central New  York have made it to the NHL. I owe my 4 years of NCAA hockey and entire 17 year pro hockey career to him.

Matt Murley

  • Former NHL Left Winger
  • 51st overall pick- Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 17 year professional career

Testimonial for: Amanda Pelkey

It was easy for anyone to watch Amanda play and see her speed, skill, and tenacity. What I really appreciated and respected about her was her growth mindset. Amanda always wanted to get better and she was a real student of the game. I know she is now bringing that knowledge and passion to the players she is working with. They are lucky to have her!

Jim Plumer

Head Coach – University of Vermont

Testimonial for: Nathan Craze

Nathan has great work ethic and is very easy to work with. Nathan worked very well as out team goaltending coach, I really liked how he would communicate effectively and was a tremendous help with our goalies throughout the development process. Nathan did a great job with video analysis, he would cut game tape and highlight areas each goalie did well and areas they could work on, break down the video into great detail to make their game more efficient and effective. Nathan is passionate about developing goaltenders and would recommend any driven goaltender to work with him.

Jason Williams

2002 Stanley Cup Champion
11 Years NHL Experience

Testimonial for: Nathan Craze

I had the pleasure to coach along side Nathan and to witness his knowledge and application to not only our goaltenders individually, but also to our team as a whole. His knowledge and use of video analysis helped our goalies toeffectively understand their tendencies, habits and ability to read the game to enhance their performance. Watching our goaltenders evolve under Nathan’s guidance ultimately played a substantial role in our teams success and our goaltenders development.

Danny Syvret

Memorial Cup Champion
WJC Gold Medalists

Testimonial for: Jeff Lovecchio

Jeff has an infectious ability to motivate his guys. Combine that with his ever growing knowledge for the game and strength training,you would be hard pressed to find a better trainer and person. I’m 33 now ,never felt better physically which has translated to the Ice as I’m a better player now then ever. I’m aging like fine wine. I am stronger, I’m more mobile and my overall awareness of health keeps growing and Jeff deserves a lot of the credit. Jeff is a selfless trainer who is passionate about other people’s success and I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of person I want to be around!

Travis Turnbull


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