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What separates the good, from the iconic is their ability to adapt during adverse situations; as an athlete you’re CONSTANTLY being forced out of your comfort zone and have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. The good SOMETIMES survive, but the ICONIC always thrive. This innate ability does not only come from your on-ice skills; it’s all about the way you’re wired mentally to adapt to any kind of adverse situation. In short: the best athletes in the world possess the skill of mental resilience – or having the ability to adapt in some of the toughest situations. And if you’re an athlete looking to take their game to the next level, then you HAVE to possess this skill so that you can truly turn it up.

This Resilience Rankings test is one that is used by some of the world’s BEST athletes in leagues such as the: NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, and much more to test their resilience! This test will help you to understand exactly where your current resilience scores, and will allow you to understand the resilience skills that are specific to YOU in order for you to take your game to the next level. After taking this test, you’ll be sent a break down highlighting areas, and practical resilience skills, that you can utilize in performance to gain an edge over your competition.

Why We Partnered with molliteum

Rob Schremp

Rob Schremp

When we make Partnerships for the 44 Vision Hockey platform, we do it with a few things in mind. First, is this company good at what they are doing and does it apply to Hockey? The second thing is, does this program help our players get better at the game and as a person?

I, personally, took the Molliteum test and was blown away by how accurate it was to my traits. Right from the moment I read my results I said "Imagine if i had this at 17." Getting to know your strengths and weaknesses helps you maximize the strengths and work on the weaknesses.

In my opinion, Molliteum gives every player a better chance of recognizing what type of player they are, and how they can grow to become the best version of themselves.

We added Molliteum to our platform as a RESOURCE for players to help their personal development of becoming the full package.

When you receive your results, it is up to you on what you do next with it. Molliteum offers programs that are customized to each individual, it is an opportunity not an obligation to take it any further.

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