If you’re working with us at 44 Vision Hockey the answer should be TRAINING !!


Working out is what normal people do when they go to the gym. YOU are training to be a better athlete and hockey player. I say athlete first because I believe that training should not be limited to just the weight room. The more athletic I have made my clients the better they perform on the ice time and time again. For the last nine years I have trained all my clients from a two time NHL ALL STAR down to the youngest AAA hockey players with this philosophy.

I want you to be able to express speed, strength and control at all times while you’re on the ice.  That’s what I train my clients for in the offseason. In season I will help you fill up the empty buckets of what you are not getting. This is where having a strength coach that played the game at the highest levels is invaluable.  I know when and how to hit the gas in season to help you develop week after week and month after month IN SEASON as well as in the offseason !!!

These programs will help you progress from one to the next building upon what you are learning and focusing on.

You will also have complete access to me via messaging on the app ! Anytime you have questions or want to talk, just use the direct message function built in to your programs!

All of my mass programs are VERY DETAILED with a constant focus on :

  • Pre-hab
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Explosiveness
  • Applicable Strength
  • Breathing

BUT, the latest phase will always be best used WHEN IT COMES OUT. I will be focusing what is needed for the current month depending on the time of the year in relation to the hockey season !

Current Phases Available:


Phase II

You can perform this Phase at home or in a gym. I would say training at a gym is always more ideal but I also do not believe in excuses. If you’re at home I teach you how to make your own home made weights and a homemade medball! NO EXCUSES. There is no guess work. Just open your app every day when it’s time to train, follow along, track your weights and exercises and GET BETTER.

Phase III:


Phase III builds upon what you worked on in Phase II and every day is inching you closer to where I want you to be come the start of the season !!! I STRONGLY ADVISE every player to perform Phase II before moving on to Phase III ! You wouldn’t build a house on shaky foundation would you? Training is the same way, you don’t just skip the first 9 steps so that you can get to step 10. Your body needs to get healthy first (prep) and then primed (phase II) before we get into more and more intense movements and exercises!



I will be taking on a very small number of one on one 44 Vision Clients creating a program specifically for the individual. This will entail a higher level of specificity that most do not need. If you are interested in working 1 on 1 with me throughout the year, please message me here!

RIPT Training Programs

Whether you are training from home or in a gym, this four week microcycle will help you to get stronger in a way that will actually translate to the ice! I have a fourteen year NHL veteran using this as well as a fourteen year old AAA player. These are exercises anyone can do and will help you to become a better athlete.

Every exercise comes with a very detailed video demonstration and coaching cues so that you can learn how to perform them safely, correctly and so that you get the most of your training! As you follow along and train with me through each phase of summer you will be getting closer and closer to being in the best hockey shape of your life when it matters most - when the season starts.

My goal is not to murder you in May so that you're dead by August and September, my goal is to have you ready to be the best you can be on the ice when the season starts! Let's Gooooooo

Why We Partnered with RIPT by Jeff LoVecchio


Rob Schremp

We partnered with RIPT Hockey as our Off-Ice resource for a couple reasons. The fact that Jeff played the game at a high level really helps him understand the players on a different level. Jeff has been there so he can understand what it's like to grind it out and when it's time to ease off.

Jeff's passion and knowledge of what it takes to help players reach their maximum potential is what made him such an easy choice. His attitude and positive energy are something that make him stick out as a great person and takes the guessing away from why he has been so successful with his program.