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Jaret Anderson-Dolan

Testimonial for Adam Redmond

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Dillon Dube

Testimonial for Adam Redmond

“My favorite thing about working with Adam is that he is really detailed in his practices and approach to the game which helped me make the most out of every session together. Adam always treated me like a Pro and wanted me to get better every day. If you want to get to the next level, I highly recommend working with Adam.”

Jay Bouwmeester

Testimonial for Adam Redmond

“I always appreciated Adam’s attention to detail and preparedness for our skates. He always took the time to make sure we got the most out of our time together and made the process of improving fun!”

Colton Orr

Testimonial for Sara Hughson

I coach Sarah with the CT whale. I have always been impressed with her work ethic and leadership Qualities. She was never afraid to speak up in the dressing room and is always leading by example. Sarah was always looking for new ways to improve her game, asking lots of questions and took the extra time to perfect those skills. Sarah’s love for the game and how much she enjoys working with young athletes really shows in her coaching style.

Tim Crowley

Testimonial for Sarah Hughson

Sarah is one of the best people I’ve come across while coaching or playing the game of hockey. It’s evident right away that she is someone who loves hockey and she was an integral part of our program here for the four years. The growth she demonstrated from her freshman year to her senior year where she was named first team All-American shows her passion for the game. She’s a student of the game and was constantly working on it whether it was skill development or video of her shifts. Her knowledge and skillset will be an advantage for any young aspiring player.


Testimonial for Diana Schaefering

Diana helped me focus on fine tuning specific skills that were important in preparing myself for the upcoming season.

She takes each skill and breaks it down into a step-by-step process that is easily understood and really works.

Don Hay

Testimonial for Craig Cunningham

Craig was a real student of the game and a joy to coach. His detail, preparation, leadership and passion were a pleasure to be around every day. He refused to be out worked and the adversity and challenges he went through fueled him.

Greg Carvel

Testimonial for GEORGE HUGHES

I have coached at the highest levels of hockey and have been a Head Hockey Coach at the NCAA Division One level for the last nine years. Over that time I have coached some outstanding hockey players, like George Hughes, who was a great leader and captain for one of my teams. George led the entire country in scoring by a defenseman as a senior, was voted First Team All-League and extremely cerebral.

George was an exceptional skater and he read the game remarkably well. George was an exciting player to watch as he made uncommon plays on a regular basis. What drove George was his passion for the sport and his incredible hockey IQ. He was on the forefront of what today’s modern day defensemen looks like… fluid, tough, mobile, up the ice and was a big part of the team’s offense. He was a pleasure to coach and genuinely enjoyable to watch play the game. He was a pure hockey player.

Matt Murley

Testimonial for DON KIRNAN

Don Kirnan’s knowledge and experience in player development is unparalleled. He was the pioneer of player development in New York and was the #1 reason so many players from Central New  York have made it to the NHL. I owe my 4 years of NCAA hockey and entire 17 year pro hockey career to him.

Nicole Hensley

Testimonial for JEFF LOVECCHIO

I have been working with Jeff for two years and I’ve never been in better shape. He takes the time to understand what each athlete needs, physically and mentally. He is always working to learn and better himself in order to help his athletes reach their goals. His mentorship goes far beyond the gym, he truly cares about every person he works with. All young athletes would be lucky to learn from him.