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Jim Plumer

Testimonial for Amanda Pelkey

It was easy for anyone to watch Amanda play and see her speed, skill, and tenacity. What I really appreciated and respected about her was her growth mindset. Amanda always wanted to get better and she was a real student of the game. I know she is now bringing that knowledge and passion to the players she is working with. They are lucky to have her!

Tomas Mikus

Testimonial for Rob Schremp

Working with Rob has been an eye-opener. It’s incredible how he sees the game. Any player who is fortunate to work with him will put his offensive game to the next level. It’s a huge advantage and benefit for my game.

Matthew Millar

Testimonial for Christian Frey

I’ve worked with Christian as a player and fellow coach. His passion for learning is contagious and extends beyond goaltending to the whole sport of hockey. His dedication as a player to his teammates now extends to his students and staff. He is a young coach with a very bright future in this game.

Mike Koster

Testimonial for Nick Brusa

I’ve worked with Nick the last 2 years and I have never met someone so driven to help players reach their potential and beyond. I strongly recommend using his platform for any part(s) of your game that you are looking to develop.

Brady Ferner

Testimonial for Nick Brusa

As a player who played for Nick, it is easy to say Nick is a players coach. Whether it be individual skill sessions, building relationships with players, or doing little things on a daily basis to help the team, Nick always tailored the situation for the best interest of his players with an infectious work ethic.

Katie King – Crowley

Testimonial for Alex Carpenter

Alex has one of the best minds in hockey. Her experience and her ability to see the game truly sets her apart from others. She will be great asset in helping teach players the game.


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

I’ve been working with Blake since I was 12 years old. Working with Blake made me a much better player and person. During our time, we’ve tackled mental skills and prep, helped me through my elbow surgery and recovery, and was always someone there to talk to. I’ve gotten faster, stronger, and have a great release on my shot. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Blake.


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake has been a huge role model for me in my career, especially with my transition to university. She is truly amazing to work with.


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Working with Blake was awesome. She really helped me get through a season. Especially mental toughness through testing and preparing me to succeed. She’s the best!


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake has been my idol and role model since high school. Working with her really gave me the confidence to push past my limits and help me realize my true potential. I’ve learned how to strive for excellence while having fun and enjoying my college experience. I will now be a Captain my senior year and still work with Blake today!