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Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake has been a huge role model for me in my career, especially with my transition to university. She is truly amazing to work with.


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Working with Blake was awesome. She really helped me get through a season. Especially mental toughness through testing and preparing me to succeed. She’s the best!


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake has been my idol and role model since high school. Working with her really gave me the confidence to push past my limits and help me realize my true potential. I’ve learned how to strive for excellence while having fun and enjoying my college experience. I will now be a Captain my senior year and still work with Blake today!


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake has completely taken my game to the next level and made my transition to college hockey a lot less daunting. She helped me through any and everything and her impact goes far beyond the ice.


Testimonial for BLAKE BOLDEN

Blake helped me for my freshman year of college. With her help, I felt prepared mentally and physically and I wasn’t nearly as stressed about juggling school work and hockey.

Mark Johnson

Testimonial for BRIANNA DECKER

Having coached Brianna for four years at the University of Wisconsin, I can easily say she’d be a great resource to help grow your game. Reflection is a crucial aspect to improve yourself, and with her deep understanding of the game, her input and advice would be a valuable resource during these times.

Chris Kreider

Testimonial for ALEX CARPENTER

Alex is one of the most amazing people I’ve met through the game of hockey. Her passion for the game and desire to grow and learn have led to incredible accomplishments on the collegiate, professional, and Olympics and internationals levels. She also has one of the best snaps shots I’ve ever seen!

Scott Stevens

Testimonial for Alex Carpenter

Alex has an incredible passion for the game of hockey. I have always been impressed by her innate hockey sense and understanding of the game. She sees the whole ice and unfailingly puts herself in good position, both offensively and defensively. I believe Alex can be an effective consultant for young men and women and whole heartedly recommend 44 Vision Hockey as a tool to improve your overall game.